10"x14" Alcohol Inks and Resin
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“HARVEST YOUR BLESSINGS” ~ SERVING TRAY (THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD ~ Although sold, I am able to create others ~ no two will be alike) ~ Hues of brown, bronze, white and Dichro Alcohol Inks mixed with Resin, to create this serving tray.  Many different color variations to choose from.  Please contact me with questions or requests!

**Disclaimer ~ The Artist’s Resin I use is FDA Compliant. Once fully cured (generally within 72 hours), it is BPA Free, has no odor or VOC’s.  It is food safe for use on coasters, cutting boards, counter tops, table tops, resin tumblers, resin knives, resin coasters and other items in the kitchen that come in contact with food.

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