Alcohol Inks and Resin, framed


Description of DIVINITY

“DIVINITY” ~ This piece of artwork has me at a loss for words!  Photos will never do it justice! It actually looks like an iris of an eye, with a blooming Chrysanthemum!  I created this masterpiece by blending various hues of blue, purple, pink and white Alcohol Inks mixed in Resin.  Once the three-day molding process was complete, its spherical shape and detail revealed total amazement! (The depth is approximately 2.5 inches deep). I adhered DIVINITY to an 11 x 11 inch shadow box and strung fairy lights inside.  This looks absolutely stunning displayed on a fireplace mantel or table!

Each creation and color variations are totally unique, and no two Resin pours will be the same.

Custom made orders only.  (No matter what color combination you choose, white Alcohol Ink must be used).



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